The SOG Net Method

Sea Of Green, popularly known as SOG is a method and technique of harvesting numerous number of small plants. It should not be confused with scrog or scrog nettscroing as sea-of-green net and scrog netting  are two different things. SOG is a technique in which the plants are matured quickly so that fastest production is achieved. Instead of growing lesser plants in a longer period of time, it focuses on growing huge number of smaller plants in the same space so that they mature faster in a lesser period of time. Hence, time required is much less. It is significant when it comes to your electricity bill each month. You can start another crop when one is in the phase of maturing and a continuous harvest can be maintained. Four plants in each square foot is a great start. One plant in each square foot will allow a good room for a plant to grow large cola but it will not be good for bottom branching. It is somewhat ok as these bottom branches will be shaded no matter what and will only grow if additional space and light are provided.

Indoor growers are aware of the fact that plants that are taller aren’t able to produce enough at the bottom and the extra growing time is of no worth. There is an exception that if the plants are intended to go outside at some of the point and it is supposed that light will no longer be a factor. If plants are started at the same time, they would create a green canopy which traps huge amount of light at top. Light will then travel to the bottom as they are closer together.

Marijuana plants
The advantage of using the SOG method is that it helps plants grow faster and achieve faster production.

As the garden is focusing on the top of plant, he makes use of space and light in as much less time as possible. Trellis netting is used to support the plants so that they stay nice and accurate. SOG is a concept that can give maximum outcome. Instead of having 4 large plants in a room, you can fit 12 small plants above 12 other plants and in no time they will mature and harvesting will take place. The size of plant isn’t a major area of consideration but the quality and maturity is. The plants are grown quickly and harvesting will now take place twice as often. Make sure you pick plants that flower quickly and propagate ones that are of the best quality.

It is just better to grow 3 to 4 times more plants as now they will produce plants faster and that too without occupying extra space. At the same time training plants is an excellent way of making them thick and bush out. You can make use of sea-of-green net at the top and around the plants. Make sure that the plants are bent almost 90 to 180 degrees. You need to do it gently on regular basis so that the plant gets trained to this trend. When trained, it will take much less vertical space and will grow bushier. It will also help in growing space and will tell the lower limbs to grow upward where it joins green canopy.

MallaJuana Netting
The advantage of using the lattice network is that it gives support to the plants and they remain fixed, precise and pleasant.

This technique is getting the benefit of fact that if upper portion is pulled over, it will create a hormonal condition in plant and makes it bush out at the bottom. SOG involves harvesting top of plant. Braches at the bottom are trimmed so that the airflow can be increased at the bottom.

Summing it all, here is a step by step guide for you on how to make use of Sea of Green Method

Sea of green
The steps to grow the marijuana plants is to first germinate the seeds, grow them proportioned from 18 to 24 hours and cut the plants when they grow too much.

1 – First of all germinate the seeds. You can also take cuttings to generate clones.

2 – Make sure they grow by providing 18 to 24 hours of light each day until they reach the height of almost 1 feet.

3 – Plant 2 to 3 plants per square feet (minimum).

4 – As you see bushier plants, take no time in trimming the branches and make use of them for cloning.

5 – Finally harvest when you are ready.


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