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Sea-Of-Green Net for Your Smaller Plants

Maximum Yields from Your Smaller Plants with Sea-Of-Green Net Method

The sea-of-green net method is commonly used for marijuana growing, but it can also be employed for growing other small plants. The SOG method is an indoor farming or gardening technique that was reported to have been developer in the 70’s in Holland. In any case, this method is now one of the most preferred styles of plant growing worldwide.

The Efficiency of Sea-Of-Green Net Method

SOG method is a very efficient method of plant growing. Its foremost appeal is the way it helps growers or farmers achieve maximum flower head yields in the shortest possible time. The fundamental principle of the technique is, growing several smaller plants/crops as opposed to fewer larger crops, thus decreasing vegetative growth period and making it quite easier to totally fill a small garden space and taking full advantage of light efficiency.

sog method applied on crops
The Sea of Green is a very effective method that provide fast results to the farmers.

The SOGNet Method Explained

With the use of SOG plant growing technique, it is essential to commence with a suitable crop variety – weed is the most obvious and common choice. Since the idea is to grow small plants that will be packed together closely, you should opt for a plant that is branchy and favors growing wide. Plants that stretch during their early flowering stages would be a foolish choice. It would be best to choose plants with shorter time for flowering.

Uniformity during the growing process is significant to achieving the most favorable results from sea-of-green net method. It is important to make sure that cuttings are of identical sizes and they must have been taken at the same time and from one mother plant. It is best to choose short cuttings of about three to six inches and with tips that are actively growing. The cuttings must have rooted simultaneously and be as uniform as possible. If you see any clones that do not match the standards, just get rid of them – give them to another grower or better yet, compost them and let nature take them back in.

cannabis crops using MALLAJUANA
The SOG method is easy to apply to your crops and your crops will get the best growth.

Though it is not recommended to use seeds for sea-of-green net method, you can still do so. Provided that you would be using seeds from a plant variety that’s been around for some time – for even and more stable growth. With the SOG method, topping or training the cuttings is not necessary because they are flowered prior to development of any side branches. Additionally, in this set-up expecting one big middle bud for every plant should be expected. And this is in total opposition with the SCROG (screen-of-green) method wherein several medium-sized buds should be expected.

Advantages to the SOG Method

cannabis crops with MALLAJUANA in greenhouse
Among its main advantages the SOG method makes the plant grow faster.

SOG is considered by most growers as the easiest spacing method to get a homogeneous crop. All you need to do is grow small plants, make sure they are tightly packed and then set them for budding. The fact that there is no training needed is one big advantage of using this growing technique. Another advantage is that the sea-of-green net method shortens the plant life – as they flower faster and so they can be harvested sooner – which in turn means there are fewer chances for pests, diseases and manual management mistakes. The plants also remain healthier throughout their growth cycle, making them perfectly fit to deliver prime high-quality crops.

Since the plants are going to be grown short, there is less need for vertical space. You can actually use low space or double the floor size by layering. Also, since this method is used indoors, you would not have to worry about aviary attacks. Therefore, there will be no need for other protective measures like aviary netting or bird barrier. If there is a need for you to get crops done fast, this should be the technique to use. It allows for faster crops – like after nine weeks since you have taken the cuttings, you could be harvesting.

Choosing the Most Effective Crop Growing and Crop ProtectionTechniques

sog method in crops for support
The SOG and SCROG method are methods very effectives , however, too depends of the type of the plant.

The best way to know what growing technique to use is to establish a few things. First, what type of plant are you planning to grow? If it is cannabis, then the sea-of-green net method is the one will surely come highly recommended. If you are planning to grow tomatoes, the screen-of-green method is an option. For beans and peas, trellising is the winning method – even bigger plants like squash and melons can be grown through trellising.

If you are apprehensive to grown anything because you think that you do not have enough space, then you must consider the above-mentioned methods. These techniques are modern and have gained popularity because of their usefulness in small or limited spaces. This means that you do not need a big garden or a huge farm to be able to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits. You just need to choose the right growing technique. Another thing to establish is the amount of time you have. If you are in a hurry to harvest, go for the SOG method. This technique tricks the plants to flower sooner than normal, thus producing yields faster.

Crop protection

When it comes to crop protection, there are some that would work best for outdoor farming. Netting, as most farmers and growers know is the most effective method of providing a physical barrier between the crops and invaders. Aviary netting, for instance, can effectively keep birds and other pests away from your garden. Though the main idea behind the creation of bird barrier system is to keep the birds (pigeons, in particular) from landing and nesting on city and town buildings, it has proven to be just as efficient for keeping plants safe from flying attackers. The right combination of growing method and protection technique will surely make you a successful grower. So, choose the plant variety and then get the techniques (sea-of-green net, trellising or SCROG) it needs for its growth, and you are good to go.