Differences between SOG and Scrog methods


The fundamental difference between SOG and SCROG methods is due to the final objectives for which they were designed.

SOG (Sea of Green) is use to obtain short-term harvests, while SCROG (Screen of Green) is use to obtain more fruits from a single substation over a longer period of time.

SOG is a short-term and fast marijuana growing method that has gained a lot of popularity among growers. In this method, the grower plants in a large, flat substrate, which allows the harvest cycle to be much faster. By not having to wait until the plants reach a certain height. The grower is able to harvest in just a couple of months.

Unlike SOG, SCROG (Screen for Green) is not commonly use for short-term harvesting

This growing method is use to get the best results from a single substation system. Growers create a grid structure for the plants, which allows the plants to develop at maximum efficiency, reaching their full potential. This grid structure also allows light to reach all parts of the plant. Establishing a clear advantage over SOG, as these plants can reach their maximum potential for a longer time. Once the plants reach the maximum desired height, the grower can harvest them, which prolongs the harvest cycle.

In addition, SCROG requires a higher degree of marijuana cultural expertise. As it is necessary to keep the plant under the net so that the maximum potential is reach. Light control is also important to allow better circulation through the net. This means that the grower will need to use a fan and regularly move the plant to improve the final results.

The main difference between SOG and SCROG is that the former is use to obtain harvests once in the short term. While the latter is use to obtain larger quantities over a longer period of time. SOG is much simpler than SCROG, as it does not require as much knowledge and experience of marijuana cultivation. On the contrary, SCROG is a more advanced method and a higher level of experience is need to achieve the best results.

SOG Method
SOG is a method of cannabis cultivation consists of planting in a large and flat substrate, which allows the harvest cycle to be much faster.

Advantages of SOG

SOG, or Sea of Green (basically, a sea of green), is a method use to grow cannabis that offers a number of benefits for growers. This growing technique is becoming more and more common around the world. Because it can be applied to most cannabis growing systems, both indoors and outdoors.

Basically, SOG is a highly efficient growing technique in which growers seek to maximize cannabis production using a very small space. This technique is based on efficiency and maximization, but it is far from being a crude or abusive method. On the contrary, SOG is use to obtain the best results without sacrificing the quality of the cannabis.

Compared to other cultivation techniques, SOG offers a number of significant advantages for the grower. First, SOG requires a much smaller amount of space to achieve the same result. This means that growers can produce a lot of cannabis in a very small amount of area. In addition, this technique is applied for all stages of the cannabis plant growth process, from germination, to flowering and harvesting. This means that maximizing cannabis production is achieved all at once, rather than continuously.

A further advantage of SOG is that it reduces the time needed to achieve the best results

With SOG, growers do not have to wait as long before harvesting the crop. This is because SOG does not require a considerable amount of growth before the plant can flower. In fact, the plant can flower and produce its crops much faster with this technique.

In addition, SOG is also ideal for people with limited budgets. This is because SOG requires fewer materials to achieve the same results as other methods. This means that growers can afford to invest in premium equipment (such as lighting, fans, fertilizers etc.) without having to affect the overall budget. It also offers a better quality of life for cannabis growers.

One of the main reasons is that SOG allows growers to maximize the use of space and time. Allowing them to control their resources much more efficiently. This optimization of space and time helps reduce the amount of time needed to maintain and care for plants, which in turn gives growers more time to focus on other things outside of their home.

Given all of these advantages. The SOG method can be an excellent resource for cannabis growers looking to maximize production in a small space. This method offers a variety of advantages ranging from maximizing production, to optimizing time and budget, to improving the grower’s quality of life, making it an attractive option for all types of growers.

Support netting for cannabis plants
The SOG method can be an excellent resource for cannabis growers to maximize production in a small space.

Advantages of SCROG

The SCROG method (Screen of Green) is a cannabis growing technique created to optimize the production of a crop, both in quantity and quality of the harvest. This cultivation technique consists in placing a screen at a certain height over the growth of the plants. Allowing the plant to explore the space laterally and to expand the growing surface of the plant. The application of the SCROG Method provides a number of advantages for cannabis growers. These advantages are:

1. Increased Crop Production:

The SCROG Method significantly increases cannabis crop yields by encouraging the development of multiple nail points per cannabis seedling. This translates into higher bud production, which means more yield in your crop.

2. Better Sun Distribution:

Using a screen when growing cannabis allows sunlight to be evenly distributed among all your seedlings. This is especially important for growers who are topping their plants, as it is necessary to maintain a good distribution of light so that the plants do not burn.

3. Greater Control over Plant Development:

The SCROG Method allows greater control over the growth pattern of the cannabis plant. The mesh that is placed over the crop is an excellent tool to help direct the development of the plant to the grower’s desired shape. This will help ensure that the plants grow in the desired manner.

4. Lower Electricity Costs:

The use of a screen changes the way the plant absorbs light. This means that the light needed for photosynthesis will be more evenly distributed, which means less energy use. This means that electricity costs will be lower, which will improve the final yield of the crop.

5. Greater Symmetry in Growth:

The SCROG Method allows cannabis growers to maintain symmetry in the way their seedlings grow. This means that a greater number of buds will be generated, resulting in more robust plants that will produce more and better flowers.

As you can see, the SCROG Method offers a number of advantages for cannabis growers. This technique is ideal for those growers who are looking to improve the yield of their crops and enjoy the best results.

SOG netting
The SCROG method allows growers to maintain symmetry in the way cannabis plants grow.